L Brackets are the work of the Devil!

Ok this may be a little extreme but bear with me I will try to explain. I love L-brackets, they are extremely useful and make working on a tripod in portrait orientation a breeze. there is nothing more awkward than using the ball head in portrait, you are so restricted with composition. The main reason for having on is for use in taking panorama’s, for a relative novice in taking multiple shots and stitching them together in Lightroom my L-bracket is a must to reduce the distortion and prevent warping of the image.

I love L-brackets and find the extremely useful, then why are they the work of the devil I hear you ask? Well in my purely cinematic head the devil has worked his (or her, probably her!!) magic on me. He has played on my desire to make life easier and lulled me into a false sense of security. I have been promised the dream and shown it in so many videos on YouTube. I have been convinced to part with money to obtain this secret tool which was the answer to all my troubles (photographically speaking). Only to realise once I had bought one that everything wasn’t as it first appeared.

I am a Fuji user, I currently have an X-T2 and X-T1 both with L-brackets which I have bought from Amazon (hold on I’ll get to that!). The problem I have with both setups is how the bracket fits the camera. however good the Fuji cameras are I, and I do love their cameras I can’t help but think they haven’t thought things through. on all the fuji cameras that I’m aware of the connector ports where we plug-in the cable release is on the side opposite the grip. But why’s this a problem? because this is where the L-bracket sits. Therefore whenever I want to flip the camera into portrait mode and do some long exposures, life becomes a whole lot more complicated. Due to the way the bracket the connector cover and the plug for the cable release all sit I can’t have the camera in portrait with the cable release attached.

I’ll concede I have bought an after market, 3rd party L-bracket and I can’t expect the earth for what I paid. in fact the X-T2 bracket is a lot better than the X-T1 version from the same seller and very nearly works, but just not quite. Now the Scrooge McDuck’s out there will say just buy a Really Right Stuff one, but I’m not rich and £180+ for an L-bracket is stupid money no matter how good they are.

So what do a want? I want the moon on a stick of course. in all seriousness I do wish that Fuji would make their own L-bracket which works so we don’t have to buy 3rd party, the 3rd party ones which work were affordable or the plug for the 3 cable releases I own we a different shape which worked. Failing that, Fuji just swap the memory card slots with the connectors and leave me to sort the other 98 problems on the list.

And breathe!!!!

Cheers Again



Author: jdurhamphotographyblog

Hello i'm Jon, I'm a Landscape and Travel photographer based in the North West of England, you can usually find me up a fell, walking along a ridge or knelt by the side of a tarn. If you like what you see, many are available as prints to your requirements. If you'd like any further information please contact me via my website Jon

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