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As you may have read in my earlier post reviewing 2016, one of my objectives for 2017 is to make sure I travel a lot more and explore some new areas. Well I have managed to plan a few trips for the next few months, no mean feat for me as I do struggle with making plans. I’m more of a react to whats going on kind of person!

Due to my lack of planning ability in 2016 I managed to carry a few days leave into this year which I need to use, which is a great excuse to take a few days away. so this month I am off to the lake district for a couple of days of taking pictures and climbing some hills. I plan to base myself in Penrith which gives me great access to a number of areas which I want to explore. although I only live an hour or so away from the lakes I don’t get up half as much as I should, but that will change this year. when I do make the drive to the lakes I tend to stick to a couple of places I know well and really enjoy, but this time I want to go to some new places and find some new shots. I have some planning to do yet before I go,  but I will definitely be writing a post on it when I get back.

Following my trip to the lake district in January I have nothing planned in for February but I am hoping to do a street photography workshop with Matt Hart. I really enjoy street, not so much the doing but the results definitely, and I would like to do it a bit more going forward. hopefully this will aid my creative thought processes which will translate into my landscape works, well that’s the theory.

For the past 2 years in March I have attended the Photography show in Birmingham which I plan to do again this year. I really enjoy the event, as a gear addict I love to look at all the shiny kit and each year challenge myself to not go bankrupt. This year I might win, fingers crossed! the photography tends to be geared more towards the portrait, commercial or wedding photographer with most of the talks and demonstrations centred around lighting and posing however you can find some really good presentations which are well worth seeing. It goes without saying you can always learn something on the Adobe stage but these presentations are usually in very high demand so get tickets early. although I try each year not to spend too much, I have failed twice, you can always pick some good bargains. this year for me my first port of call will be the “Disabled Photography Society” stand, a great charity who get loads of old gear donated to sell at the event. the last 2 years I have spied a film camera which I’d really like then talked myself out of it only to return 5 minutes later and its gone, but not this year!

Moving into April and I have planned a week-long excursion which I am really looking forward to. Not only will it give me a week of shooting, a chance to travel to some new areas but I am hiring a camper van for the week! for a long time now I have wanted a VW camper van to go camping and travelling the country but never had opportunity. having never spent time in one it would be stupid to buy one without first trying out the experience. I plan to hire the van from a place in Kilmarnock and travel to the Isle of Skye via Glencoe. I have been to Glencoe before on a workshop and want to explore some new views of the areas which aren’t always possible on a workshop. I really can’t wait to see the Isle of Skye a place I have wanted to visit for sometime and not had opportunity, largely because I thought it was further than it actually is! if all goes to plan I hope to get 2  sunsets and 2 sunrises in each destination which I hope will give me some great shots, weather permitting.

The plan will be document all my travels in the next 12 months with pictures and failures along the way. Hopefully more success than failure, but with every failure you can learn something new for the next time. Thanks for reading, check back soon for details of my latest interesting shoot by the sea.




Author: jdurhamphotographyblog

Hello i'm Jon, I'm a Landscape and Travel photographer based in the North West of England, you can usually find me up a fell, walking along a ridge or knelt by the side of a tarn. If you like what you see, many are available as prints to your requirements. If you'd like any further information please contact me via my website Jon

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